What is Kenya's Biggest Coffee Morning? July 13, 2016

Kenya's Biggest Coffee Morning October ( KBCM)

If you’ve heard about Kenya’s Biggest Coffee Morning – and want to find out more – you at the right place.

Put simply, every October, lots of people decide to do something special by hosting a Kenya’s Biggest Coffee Morning (KBCM) at home, work or school. It’s our biggest fundraising and awareness event of the year.

Every drop of coffee drunk, and delicious nibble of cake consumed will give hope and support to children and adults living with cancer – no-one should have to face cancer alone. All our services are provided free of charge.

How does it work? What shall I do?

At the very heart of the event is our hosts. Wonderful people who put their hands up, and decide to run a KBCM on behalf of Faraja Cancer Support. Collectively they make an enormous impact. Here's a snap shot of SOME of our Previous KBCM hosts.

KBCM Hosts 2014

In 2015 over 3,000 either hosted or attended a KBCM raising Kshs 4 million. Many had expert cancer speaker present to. The goal for 2016 is to raise Kshs 6 million - together we can make it happen!

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