Our work with children

4 ways in which Faraja helps kids with cancer

It is a sad fact of life that vulnerable children get cancer too. Just 1 in 10 children survive cancer in Kenya compared to 7 in 10 in developed countries. Clearly there is much to do.

Faraja ensures that our services reach children and their families as they go through this difficult time by providing practical and emotional support. The below gives you a snapshot of 3 ways we do this:

Through our Craft for Cure Programme - A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Children can get pretty miserable and bored having to stay for months on end at a hospital for cancer treatment. The Crafts for Cure program takes place every Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) run by Faraja and Nairobi University's AIESEC students.

Craft for Cure enables these kids a welcome distraction from treatments, the chance to hang out with fun people and just get to be kids for an afternoon. Art therapy is used to demystify complicated terms like chemotherapy and as an outlet to deal with the side effects of cancer treatment. 

Around 400 children attend the Craft for Cure sessions which target in-patient children at Level 1e, Level 3 and Level 9 at KNH. 

Crafts for Cure

Through Providing Life-Saving Treatments

On November 12th 2016, Faraja officially launched the Faraja Cancer Support Fund (FCSF) The funds vision is for all children and adults who have been diagnosed with cancer in Kenya, to be able to access the right affordable treatment at the right time. This brings hope and real chance of recovery. Through the fund, more children like 12 year old ( diagnosed when he was 9yrs) Kevin Githinji  can get the right treatment at the right time. 

Kelvin Githinji

Milk and Fruit Donations- Every Friday 

Faraja Cancer Support Trust began giving fruit and milk donations once a month in 2015. The donations are offered to the children in level 3   which accommodates approximately 50 children. Due to the positive feedback we have received, the donations have been extended to level 1 e and level 9 paediatric and a total of 400 packets of milk and 400 apples are donated every Friday. 

Fruit donation Kenyatta

Special One-Off Projects

We are always open to explore ideas with individual and corporate supporters who are keen to help children living with cancer.

From time to time day trips will be organized so children can have a welcome break from medical treatment regimes. In the past this has included a trip to the Animal Orphanage in Nairobi.

Another initiative has seen Braeburn School brought yogurt and gifts to the children at Kenyatta Hospital oncology ward.   A very special day with happy memories created!

See how you can help us continue to provide hope and support to more children here.