How to Fundraise

Let your imagination run wild and create your very own fundraising event and appeal Set the date, let us know how much you hope to raise, and what you're upto.

Here are some ideas and inspiration:

  • A Sponsored Stop - give up a guilty pleasure and see how long you can last
  • Grow a Mo (moustache!) for a month, usually done in November and called Movember
  • Take part in an organised fun run, marathon or bike ride in your local area
  • Organise a Golf Day
  • Encourage your local school to hold a 'dress down' day to raise funds for our children's project at Kenyatta hospital
  • Do good deeds for donations.

Please tell us what you would like to do

We are very enthusiastic about fundraising for Cancer.

Get in touch with our fundraising manager, on what you would like to do in your fundraising event, the date you would like to do it on, and the goal amount you would hope to raise.