Support Us

By supporting Faraja you will become a part of the community that is working hard to fight the major cancer issues we are facing here in Kenya. As we rely entirely on voluntary donations and support, so by getting involved you will make a huge difference.

Please contact us today and we will help you every step of the way.

The different ways you can get involved:

  • Make a Donation

    Become a monthly regular giver

    • Just KSH 500 a month could help to provide paint, paper and brushes towards our Art Therapy classes for children with cancer.

    Make a one-off cash gift

    • KSH 1000 could go towards a therapy session providing emotional and practical support to someone newly diagnosed with cancer
    • KSH 2000 could keep our library stocked with all the information needed to support people affected by cancer for one day
    • KSH 5000 could help to run a breast or prostate cancer support group for 2 months
    • Surprise us!

  • Donate through your will

    You can make a positive impact on generations to come. You'll be helping a brighter future for cancer patients, and leave a true lasting legacy. We can help you the wording for your will.

  • Donate in memory of a loved one

    Many people who have lost a loved one to cancer choose to do something positive in their memory such as organising an annual event or making a cash gift. Please contact us today if you would like to do something in memory.

  • Become a Life Saver

    Faraja looks to connect our supporters to people in need. One of the most powerful ways we do this is by connecting people who are living with cancer to big hearted people and companies who are in the position to fund live-saving medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

  • Do Your Own Thing

    Let your imagination run wild and create your very own fundraising event and appeal Set the date, let us know how much you hope to raise, and what you're upto.

    Here are some ideas and inspiration;

    • A Sponsored Stop - give up a guilty pleasure and see how long you can last
    • Grow a Mo (moustache!) for a month, usually done in November and called Movember
    • Take part in an organised fun run, marathon or bike ride in your local area
    • Organise a Golf Day
    • Encourage your local school to hold a 'dress down' day to raise funds for our children's project at Kenyatta hospital
    • Do good deeds for donations.