Corporate and Project Partnerships

We welcome Companies, Trusts and Foundations to contact us who are looking to support projects that make an impact in the cancer and health area. We create long-term partnerships that deliver clear benefits to our partners as well as raising significant funds for us. Each relationship is unique and tailored so please get in touch with Shaira.

There are currently a number of event sponsorship and project partnership opportunities available. Please take a look at the list below and get in touch for more information if a project matches your philanthropic dreams or meets your workplace’s giving guidelines. We also welcome any ideas that you may have.

Faraja takes our partnerships very seriously and aims to make them mutually beneficial and tailored where possible. Faraja is transparent with funds raised. As such as have enjoyed wide support from both individuals and institutions.

It is impossible to acknowledge everybody here but major project partners and sponsors in 2014 include; Safaricom Foundation, Nakumatt,  Cancer Care, I&M Bank, and Mamujee Foundation.

Support Services Partnership Opportunities

Area Who it Helps and What it Does Gift / Sponsorship Guideline (KSh)
Breast Cancer Support Partner

Supports women who are going through the breast cancer journey through monthly support groups, holistic therapies and therapy sessions.

Children Partner

Children and their families who have been newly diagnosed with cancer, or undergoing treatment. The project partner will help fund going on-going support projects for children's such as craft for cure, therapy sessions, groups outings and financial assistance.

Information Partner

Thanks to Rotary Club of Karura, Faraja currently holds one of the biggest library’s of cancer related information in Kenya. This is especially important to our patients who are newly diagnosed. A new project partner would enable us to purchase new books and cover printing and photocopying costs.

Prostate Cancer Support Partner

Supports men going through the prostate cancer journey through monthly support groups, holistic therapies and therapy sessions.

Cervical Cancer Support Partner

Supports women going through the cervical cancer journey through monthly support groups, holistic therapies and therapy sessions.


Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Area What it involves Sponsorship Guideline (KSh)
White Water Rafting May 24th - 25th 2015

In conjunction with our highly respected logistics partner Savage Wilderness we are seeking an adventurous lead Captain Sponsor for this high profile corporate event, which attracted wide spread media coverage last year.

Anticipated to raise Kshs 5 million and leading corporate stepping on board to participate – this is your chance as headline corporate sponsor to make a rapid impact!

Kenya’s Biggest Coffee Morning October 2015

The event that aims to raise funds and create the conversation needed to combat the major issues we are facing here in Kenya. Either host a KBCM at your workplace or consider becoming an event sponsor. In 2014 KBCM directly reached over 3,000 people and raised Kshs 2 million. Next year our vision is to double this at least, so watch this space.

250,000 - 500,000

Outreach Partnership Opportunities

Opportunity What it involves Sponsorship Guideline (KSh)
A Brand New Faraja

Faraja is looking to expand so we can do more outreach work. The vision is to set up brand new Faraja in Eldoret, Western Kenya. Partner this project and double the number of patients that Faraja can reach with our core services.

3 million initial set up costs and 3 million running costs over 3 years.
Faraja Cancer Nurse

This is a visionary new project to fund a post of Faraja’s first ever specialised support nurse to work at both Faraja and out in the local community. A very popular, and tried and tested concept overseas which really benefits patients – so we are keen to trial it here.

Salary post for a year or secondment of someone with appropriate skills